Mobile Application Development

On T-style. It makes life easier and portable device that can provide most of the phone with their use of both personal and professional.

It extends from the device to talk and key messages to the game console, camera cell phone and office assistant, music player, GPS services and applications over the Internet using web services for weather forecasting and commercial sites, etc..

Made with the introduction of smart phones with the operating system installed, it is possible to create rich Internet applications, and experience a strong interaction with the user, and faster Internet services and messaging and GPS services, and attend virtual training etc..

Thrayam had a wide experience and strong technical support to deliver applications based on mobile phone with various operating systems such as

  • Windows mobile based applications
  • Android based applications
  • Apple iPhone

Our experience on different operating systems, mobile phones and includes a variety of applications such as

  • Social networking
  • Mobile multimedia applications
  • Applications based on the site, and methods of design and integration cards
  • Payment of application services to allow
  • E-commerce – mobile sales representatives, etc.

We provide applications after a great experience and a user interface with high costs.We have a talented and experienced to provide the latest technology and unique designs to transform creative ideas into reality without compromising quality and improved memory management in the configuration of the limited resources available for mobile devices. Famous Thrayam services and process management efficiency projects and delivery of projects in a timely manner that allows a shorter time to market for its customers, reducing the total cost.